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How to Actually Empower Women Professionally

We’ve had women’s marches, strikes, Equal Pay Day and all kinds of other fruitless endeavors that purport to help women. Frankly, they don’t do a damn thing other than generate what I call R.O.E. (return on ego) on social media for their participants. If you truly want to help more …

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Women’s and girl’s empowerment

Why Women and Girls? Empowering women and girls and achieving gender equality are crucial to creating inclusive, open and prosperous societies.  Gender inequalities, however, persist in many countries so it is important that we find new ways of addressing this issue.  We contribute to this agenda by creating opportunities for …

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Secret of Business Success? Empower Women

Women make up more than half the people in the world. Yet their participation in the economy as entrepreneurs, producers, employees, and consumers is still lagging behind men’s. In Asia, less than half of working-age women are in the workforce, compared with 80% of men. Factors that hold them back …

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