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Women Empowerment

Women empowerment is a must for the betterment of our country’s future,as women are better manager than men.They can properly manage both her house and office in a systematic way as compared to men. Many of us oppose women education and feel sad when a girl child is born,due to our narrow minded thought process. Now it is on us to decide whether we want a son like Kasab, Nirbhaya rapist on whom the world is ashamed of or we want daughters like, Kalpna Chawla, Lata Mangeshker, who are pride of our country. Till date a women has played pivotal role of a mother, daughter, sister and wife, so think if she gets a chance to work for the development of India she will definitely prove herself like Indira Nooyi, Isha Kocchar, Neeta Ambani, and many more who are beautiful example for our country’s pride. So, educate your daughter and let her fly in this open sky freely, who knows one day they will also make you feel proud.

We all know that nobody gets everything in their life, but what about those who get nothing from birth till death. They are none other than women of our country, who plays vital role of various characters in our life. Some people of our society feels they just pretend of not getting anything to acquire sympathy. Not just having food, shelter and clothing is enough for the betterment of life. In today’s fast moving era mental peace is the most important essential of our life. This is possible only when nobody will interfere in anyone personal matters unless and until they ask for interference. Everyone should live happily and let others live in their own way that is the basic mantra to live in peace. We talk about women empowerment, but our so called society, don’t allow our women to lead their own way of life according to their wish?

Are girls really burden for the family and society? Many girls are now a day’s educated enough to survive in a better way than boys, then why in this modern and broad minded era, girls have to compromise and sacrifice more as compared to men? On 8th March we celebrate ‘World Women’s Day’ to give honor and respect to all women of the world. Do really our women getting that honor and respect what they well deserve and what’s their right?
We all know ratio of girls is less as compared to boys in our country, India. And it is due to orthodox mentality of society who wants to have boys and not girls. According to them a daughter can’t perform funeral rites of her parents, as their soul will rest is peace after death only when a son did so. On which holy book it is written like this? In some places women are not educated more than men, as they feels in future she has to take care of her family and do household, and if they are educated then who will marry them. Life of a girl becomes hell from the day she comes on this earth till she takes her last breath. We are saying, now the world has changed, there is no difference between boys and girls, both have equal rights to survive on this earth. OK, to some extent I agree with it, in many places girls treated similarly as boys, even they same type of education.

In corporate and public sectors also women are given same wages according to their labor in their professional life too. If there is equality in everything, then why our educated girls family has to give a huge amount of dowry for marriage? Marriage is a bond between two souls, and a bond between two families, where in today’s date girls father also has same expenditure on her upbringing as boys, then why should a bride gets her soul mate at the cost of dowry? According to law, give and take of dowry is a crime and a punishable offence, but a daughter’s father is helpless to fulfil the huge demand of boy’s family for sake of their daughter’s happy married life.
According to me, Dowry means a big amount of money paid to buy a bridegroom for a girl, to have a licensed husband. Just like we purchase vegetables from the vendor and use it according to our wish, so in that way after buying husband, a wife should use him according to her desire, but nothing happens like that. A daughter’s father betroth her to a guy with dowry in hope that he and his family will love, respect and take all care of her after marriage, but everything seems fake. She is mentally, physically and even financially harassed by her typical, down market husband and in-laws. Some families in Haryana, Punjab and many other states it is openly done which is visible, but in many places, they are internally tortured, so it gets lime lighted very rarely. In this case, what could a helpless, innocent girl can do, if she goes and makes voice against them, their rigid stone-hearted husband and his family treats like an animal and force her to commit suicide.

For this reason many daughters don’t want to marry when they observe the worse cases of women after their married life that don’t get freedom and rights to come out of the cage of their in-laws house.
Brutality of our society doesn’t end here only. Women who are not interested in marriage as they don’t want to compromise with their liberty of joy after wedding, nobody is there to support her wish, as the family feel a women life is vague without husband and children. Can anyone tell me if some are not ready for marriage then why are they forced to do so, they are educated, self-dependent and can survive on their own, so why she can’t live according to her own choice!

On one side, our men worship Goddess Durga, Lakshmi, Kali, and Saraswati on other side we harass women for dowry, rape and kill her. One side we praise successful women of our country, such as Shobha De, Shreya Ghoshal, Deepika Padukone, on the other side punishable crime of female foeticide is done fearlessly. Daughters are killed without any fault in her mother womb before she opens her eyes to see this wicked world, who knows they are future pride of our country like Saina Nehwal, Marry Kom and Kalpna Chawla. Many girls commit suicide because her father can’t afford to marry her with a huge amount of dowry. Many women helplessly burn themselves alive, since they failed to fulfil the ridiculous wish of their in-laws by not giving birth to a boy child.
Alas! No one is there to support and understand feeling of women in this brutal world.

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